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The Sovereign class was commissioned in 2371 and is Starfleet's most advanced ship ever, it was design to replace the Galaxy class starships which had been in service for 10 years. The Sovereign class has a streamline like look similar to the Excelsior class, with a saucer like the Intrepid class and looks like a Galaxy class. The Sovereign class is equipped with Starfleet's most advanced phaser arrays and quantum torpedos plus a new buffer shield along with new sensors.

Classification: Sovereign
Length: 680m Width: 240m Height: 87m Decks: 24
Weapons: Phasers: 14 Type XII phaser banks - 85,000 terawatts
  Torpedoes: 2 fore/2 aft quantum torpedo tubes - 600 torpedoes  2 fore/2 aft photon torpedo tubes - 300 torpedoes
Shields: Shield capacity: 4 563 000 teraJuoles, auto frequency modulation system
Max. warp: 10 Mass: 3 500 000 Crew 400

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E top view

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E side view

Starship Photo's

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