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The Defiant class starship was design at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards at Mars, partly under the instruction of Commander Benjamin Sisko.  It is the only Starfleet starship to have been built only to fight, it was originally intended to fight stop the Borg but failed and later proved it's self in the Dominion Wars.  They are equipped with Starfleet's latest technology in weapons and shields and employs the new quantum torpedo's.

Classification: Defiant
Length: ?m Width: ?m Height: ?m Decks: ?
Weapons: Phasers: 4 Type ? Phaser Pulse/Bolt Cannons
  Torpedoes: 2 fore/? aft quantum torpedo tubes - ?# torpedoes  2 fore/? aft photon torpedo tubes - ?# torpedoes
Shields: Shield capacity: 4 563 000 teraJuoles, auto frequency modulation system
Max. warp: 10 Mass: ? Crew ?

USS Defiant NX-74205 top view

No side view currently available.

Starship Photo's